Giulia Boccafogli


Alongside her job as an architect, Giulia has always been nurturing her passion for women's jewellery and accessories. As a result of her incredibly focused personality, since 2006 she has been able to work full-time on her handcrafting, with her exclusive collections getting a lot of attention from the press, fashion magazines and websites featuring her beautiful creations.


Giulia’s design is intended for women who choose to change their look following their mood, not a trend. Exclusive, one of a kind, sexy and overly feminine: all of her creations mainly reflect her inner creativity and emotions. Behind each of Giulia's pieces there always is an extensive research about materials and different types of crafting. Everything is handmade by her with the greatest attention to detail. Her recent focus on eco-sustainability and the use of precious raw materials has brought to light unique design pieces made with recovery leather and paired with precious stones or vintage pieces like jet-black buttons from the 70s and horsehair ribbons.