Giulia Boccafogli


Trained as an architect, Giulia has always been nurturing her passion for women's jewellery and accessories since she was a little girl. Her determination turned her night job of designing jewellery into a full-time commitment in 2008 and ever since she has been able to create the most exclusive collections of sustainable pieces. 

Featured on fashion magazines like Marie Claire and Vogue, international blogs and websites, Giulia’s designs are intended for women who choose their look and don't follow trends. Exclusive, one of a kind, sexy and overly feminine: all of her creations mainly reflect her inner creativity and emotions. She says - You don't need many words to describe my work. I hope you can get it simply by watching me do it, or maybe by wearing my jewellery. Behind each of Giulia's pieces there always is an extensive research on materials and different types of crafting. Her inspiration comes from her travels, a style which sits somewhere in between the  modern decadence with its waves, drapes and soft lines and the tribal within. Everything is handmade by her with the greatest attention to detail. Her focus on eco-sustainability has produced unique design pieces made with leather off-cuts sourced in Tuscany.